Workshop November 2012

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Date: November 26-27, 2012

Location: CAP Seminar Room (Floor 11 of Electrical Engineering Building), Imperial College London


Monday Nov 26

9 AM-12 PM Stability and persistence

  • Monotonicity techniques, reaction coordinates
D. Angeli, P. Donnell
  • Persistence and the Global Attractor Conjecture
G. Craciun, M. Gopalkrishnan

2 PM-5 PM Injectivity and multiple equilibria

(P-matrices and the DSR graph, algorithms for injectivity, mass-action vs. general kinetics)

M. Banaji, E. Feliu, A. Shiu

Tuesday Nov 27

9 AM-12 PM Applications to biological sciences

  • Applications to model selection
H. Harrington, C. Wiuf
  • Analysis of biological motifs, e.g. MAPK and multi-site phoshorylation
D. Angeli, E. Feliu, H. Harrington, C. Pantea, C. Wiuf

2 PM-5 PM Software, wiki, and wrap-up

P. Donnell, C. Pantea

Note that the schedule below is tentative and subject to revision. Please see the discussion page for possible amendments. Once a final version has been agreed the schedule on this page will be updated.