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Workshop on Chemical Reaction Networks

Torino Italy, June 24 -- July 3 2019


Summer School (June 24-28 2019): It is intended for Master students, PhD and post Doc in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Statistics, Engineering... More senior attendants are welcome as well. Two courses are organised, the instructors are Carsten Wiuf (Copenhagen University) and Greg Rempala (Ohio State University), and they will cover the theory of CRNs (both stochastic and deterministic) and some applications to molecular biology and epidemiology, including statistical inference. The school will be held in Pracatinat, a tiny mountain hamlet in the Chisone Valley not far from Torino. There is no registration fee, local expenses for a limited amount of early booking participants are covered by the organisation (these participants need to cover only their travel expenses).

Workshop (July 1-3 2019) It is located at Politecnico di Torino, and will adress both stochastic and deterministic CRNs, modelling and inference. There is no registration fee, but participants are asked to cover their own expenses (we have limited funding for a few motivated exceptions). Whoever is interested in presenting a talk is welcome to preregister at the conference website.