descriptionSearch for CRNs that are monotone
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last changeThu, 3 Jul 2014 19:01:01 +0000 (15:01 -0400)
2014-07-03 Pete DonnellAttempt to Cythonise main script master
2014-06-04 Pete DonnellAttempted to convert to Cython. N.B. .spyx file current...
2014-06-04 Pete DonnellRenamed ini files lexicographically, added 8d ini files
2014-05-19 Pete DonnellMinor tidies and documentation improvements
2014-05-14 Pete DonnellConverted scripts to compile/run via Cython
2014-05-13 Pete DonnellAdded new ini files
2014-05-06 Pete DonnellExtra .ini files
2014-05-06 Pete DonnellExtra debugging code
2014-04-15 Pete DonnellNew ini files, attempted to make main loop more memory...
2014-04-09 Pete DonnellExtra ini files, require at least two non-outflow reactions
2014-04-09 Pete DonnellAdded decreasing lexicographic sort check on rows of...
2014-04-09 Pete DonnellAdded ini option to show/hide interconversion networks
2014-04-09 Pete Donnell4D 8 generator ini file
2014-04-09 Pete DonnellOutput time elapsed
2014-04-09 Pete DonnellVarious improvements:
2014-04-08 Pete DonnellAdded output flag for non-interconversion reactions
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